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Car Giant Ltd (styled Cargiant) is a British used car dealership based in White City, London. The company was founded in 1979 by Geoffrey Warren who still owns the company.

A former employee said this in a review: "Worked at Cargiant as a mechanic for a few years and it felt very much like a prison, the place is a Portuguese garage from top to bottom with owner being English in the background. The English language is not spoken at all. And a new rule and dos/don't every week , gives it a prison feel, a lot of back stabbing all day".


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Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"1) no proper training given, review done at the whim n fancy of manager, no timeline at all. 2) During training seniors try to confuse you deliberately thereby ensuring you never settle well, unless it is the person they have recommended themselves. 3) reference notes in file are totally disorganised, repetitive with no clear cut guidance, to deliberately make a simple data entry job sound difficult. 4) work distributed equally among all even to new recruit! Another deliberate plan to put pressure on the new comer. 5) seniors are too free n spend time gossiping around wasting time 6) seniors have clear favourites and don’t question them at all, even when they r gossiping around. 7) you are always wrong! If you ask questions to clarify they say you are not confident. If you don’t ask questions they say you r not asking. 8) work environment is not friendly at all"

Former Employee - Sales says

"everything else, treat staff like crap. Advice for customer beware of a red dot!"

Current Employee - Car Sales says

"If your not management then you are a lacky. Have departments who are "social media agents " they go online post fake reviews on the company act. Sales are given training on how to pressure sell customers. Tricks and smoke screens. So called soft sell process. All cars have hidden problems as they tend to be ex-fleet or hire cars. On site workshops abuse cars, drivers abuse cars. Sales abuse cars. Poor customer has to pay for it at the end of the line. You dont get a 20k salary as it's done weekly so in order for you hit that you will need to work 52weeks. Very low commission. You have to sell extra products. High staff turn over as they don't deliver on what is promised to employees. Not a sales job as there isn't real commission on sale of car. After all hours are done, works out between 8-9 hr. Gym is membership is a scam as you will never have time to use. Unless your office based. Favouritism is rife even if the employee is stupid. 98% of staff have a chip on their shoulder internal."

Current Employee - Car Sales says

"Long hours. Unfair pay structure. Low commission. Lies after lies. Uneducated work force. Upper management uneducated. Sales training team are a joke. Add on products are a joke. AA & supagard. Cars have hidden problems with incorrect mileage. No 20k salary it's boardline illegal. When all hours are done works out around £8hr. Pressure sales on customers, you have to trick customers in buying products with pressure factors & lies."

Current Employee - Advisor says

"Bad management Poor hours No understanding Bonus included on the salary"

Former Employee - Sales Advisor says

"You are a number. You quickly realise management could not care less about you and favouritism is rife. It'd be rare to receive a good morning or a hello in the morning due to arrogance, which was bewildering considering none of them were good sales people and it made me wonder every day how they ended up in their positions apart from brown-nosing. On the rare occasion you'd go into work in a good mood, it'd be quickly ruined by the Sunday meeting which without-fail always involved a grilling. Never a single positive. Always negatives e.g. low conversion, 1 out 130 sales advisors making a mistake and now every one of us having to pay its consequence. Fear-mongering was the management team's favourite tactic - always referring back to the possibility of redundancy. There'd always be 'jokes' and laughs between them about the joys of being cold-hearted enough to fire anyone on the spot. So to summarise, to survive here you need a rock hard heart. Only a handful of people have been with the company longer than a year, they hire a new group every single month because they know the number of people that end up quitting. As for perks, you get zilch. You work for every penny. no company car, a maximum of £100 discount on cars and holidays are a pain to get approved."

Former Employee - Weekend Customer Advisor says

"- Felt disposable and not valued as an employee. Their fixed term contracts would give you false incentives that you would be made permanent but then dropped last minute. Very unprofessional and male dominated environment. Hardly any women"

Current Employee - Sales Adviser says

"worst management Managers are unprofessional, do not know how to talk to there staff You will feel as if you are back In school, degrading uniform and attitude from superiors. Stay away!!! They do not appreciate or value there staff at all expected to work every weekend feel like you are at 'BiG BROTHER' 12 HOUR SHIFT"

Former Employee - Sales Advisor says

"I have working for various companies in the past n car giant holds the record for being the most unprofessional. Manager are a joke Money is poor n you will be constantly stressed about holding your job. Management will not hesitate to fire you over one mistake."

Former Employee - Sales Advisor Area C says

"You won't be paid the advertised basic. If they don't like you prepare to be set up to loose keys and pay over £200 without discussion. The managers will sabotage your deals and create friction which caused me to LEAVE. The majority of staff have childish mentalities."

Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"Worked there as a mechanic for a few years and it felt very much like a prison, the place is a Portuguese garage from top to bottom with owner being English in the background. The English language is not spoken at all. And a new rule and dos/don't every week , gives it a prison feel, a lot of back stabbing all day."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for 4 months unofficially and 6 months as part of the probation , 2 days after I finished the probation and exactly a night before I was supposed to end and get the contract they set me up and failed based on lies and false accusations , they are some b4stards ."

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Borderline abusive management with the agenda of changing their employees every 6 months. If you are there longer, they start applying more pressure and tactics to get you to quit. Horrible experience."

Adminstration Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was working in the Recruitment department at this company as a temp. The manager of the department was fine however the former senior recruitment advisor and the current senior recruitment advisor were two unprofessional people with attitudes which colluded their judgement who was employable or not. I had only worked there for 2 weeks before I was unfairly let go based on the judgment of two egotastical people. I had done my job as I was suppose to and avoided conflict with the two however they both seemed to have some sort of problem with me. As for as I am concerned I am happy I no longer work for the company. There was no real future working for a used car dealership for me. However those two pity little attitudes had wasted my time. I was better off without the job.noneTerrible work colleagues"

Car Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"A constant revolving door, people always coming and going. Management have no people skills and talk to you and customers like dirt. One manager there used to work in the call centre and because he had a good relationship with the director of training was promoted to sales supervisor, then assistant sales manager, and now sales manager and has never sold a car in his life. But then again both he and the director of training are Portuguese. Oh yeah so is the general sales manager. HR department is a joke. They take none of your concerns seriously and will only push the managements line. Who treat you accordingly to your background rather than your work, and whether they like you or not.Four day working weekPoor culture"

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"lack of respect in the job long shift but you get used to it but the worst part is not having the weekends off a very good place to make money if you can take the stress you have different people involve with the sales and it seems to be undermining when your being spoken to by people thats never even done the job"

Security Officer (Former Employee) says

"As part of a that crowd that left that company unhappy I come to express my opinion as they are very good in bringing you down and desmotivating you. long hours, poor money, feels like in jail at the end of the day or school, as you work very hard and you get no feedback apart from getting tell of for anything they consider wrong, unhappy and frustrated people shoudn't be in charge or even working in a team as they bring you down sooner or later as well.Gym"

Customer Service Advisor (Weekends) says

"Basically advised customers on cars and gave out keys. Did not like their approach to customers but had to follow set procedures as you are recorded at all times. Some of the management are disrespectful at times and are on a power trip but the majority are okay. Progression is based on who you know not what you know. The hardest part was the robotic nature of the job. The most enjoyable part was the support and team spirit of my colleagues. Management need to value their staff.Good hourly rate of pay with good time bonus.No breaks on a 6 hour shift"

polidor.qualidade e control (Current Employee) says

"Muita pressao.paga mal para a quantidade de trabalho querem.So amigos.e muita gente engraxadoraPagaStresante"

HR Assistant (Former Employee) says

"HR Dept needs attention. Policies and processes are not conducive for CPD and career progression within the organisation (flat structure). Staff get on well with each other."

Service Advisor (Former Employee) says

"long hours and leeway given for problems getting to work, unable to get on with managers from different departments as they all thought they are better than youleft jobworked there for to long"

Office Administrator (Former Employee) says

"The entire company is extremely fast paced. Pay doesn't reflect the work you do. Swipe in system; if you're late by 2 mins pay gets deducted from you.Extremely demanding & pay"

Polisher (Former Employee) says

"Pay is average, no monetary incentive to like your job. And English isn't the official language in the workshop area. Portuguese Bulgaria and Romanian are the official languages.Uhhmmm None.Performance related bonus would be ideal."

Car Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Not a bad place to work at however I feel that the employees can be paid a much better commission structure for the work they put in. Getting £6 per car in the start of the month commission is very poor. You could put in a lot of effort and sell a £40k car with add ons and only get around £46 isn't worth it. Lots of micro-management however fun colleagues. 10-10 shifts during the week days and working every week end makes it hard to have a social life. You do get 3 week days off however it isn't the same as having a weekend off."

supaguard protection applicator (Former Employee) says

"The managment dont give a s...t about workers,or dont know nothing about them,because of the team leaders or line leaders dont tell them nothing about the problems the staff is going tru...i was in the supaguard applying department,the line leader and team leader dont understand the job enough,with my 15 years experience i was treated like normal labour and if thay see that you know something more then them, thay are making you problems straitaway...complains were made to the managment from 80% of the staff but nothing happened ears closed.....and so on!!!!Sallary on timepure managment"

Sales Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Car Giant was as a company was a pleasure to work for. Unfortunately due to the distance and medical conditions it wasn't the desired job for me unless I lived closer. Car Giant is a fast pace, proactive company to work for. They award staff members who reach their targets and go above an beyond, they recognise every individual and help them progress within their career at Car Giant. The management team are always around if you need their expertise and are always there to help and compliment you. The hardest part of the job role for me was the hours the weekdays are 10am-10pm as I lived about an 1.5-2 hours drive away it wasn't good for my medical condition. I would have loved to have stayed at car giant as a sales advisor but due to these hours I had to choose my health.good basic wage, easy to make moneylong hours, not good benefits"

Car Washer (Former Employee) says

"Wage was minimum for all hours worked Worked 50 hours had no bonus for extra time Times were harsh from 7am to 6pm 11 hours per day with 1 hour break. It's a physical job and becomes tedious quickSteady jobNo bonus"

SALES ADMINISTRATOR (Former Employee) says

"The most interesting part is meeting all the different types of people you get to work with. The work itself is really interesting but management is poor.On Site GymNo social/work life balance"

Panel Beater and Sprayer (Former Employee) says

"They don't teach you anything and usually your mentor leaves early and you're left looking left and right not knowing what to do. They teach you enough to stay working with them however other panel beater essential skills are not taught and the mentors they out you with either lack English or they can't be bothered with you."

Collections Agent (Former Employee) says

"Long hours - 46 hours per week No parking on site until you get a permit canteen food ok no full training (shadow and catch on process) some managers are really helpfulgood wagelong hours"

Michael Pyle says

"Bought a car at car giant, got it home and realised bits didn't work on it, the horn being one of the issues (mot failure) they took the car back for 2 months for repairs, got the car back on 23/12 and the issues had been fixed but others issues had appeared, we didn't even get out the gate of cargiant when we noticed these, they basically told us to take it or leave it, wont be buying from here again!!"

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